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Glass and Porcelain
Antique Nuance - New Items

set of 5 old c/s old maastricht wedgewood
set tea cup set wedgwood c/s set boch c/s set
wedgewood maastricht bol plate maastricht
white dishes cake time set candle stand water jug boch
water jug boch pate set
mixing bowl cul noir tiny glass vase c/s
glass pitcher cheese cut-plate maastricht bol s&p set
c/s & plate c/s & plate c/s limoge soup set
c/s c/s maastricht petite soupiere small dishes set
savon pot soupiere 19c French bol
tiny glasses set glass rests set 2 soup dishes set
canisters set 9 glasses glass jug cream soap pot
jug plate cutting plate pot (rabbit)
cup plate glass case italian pot
6 tiny glasses blue glass tiny candlestands clotted cream pot
set of 5 set of 2 c et m set vintage pot
C et M pot maastricht bol set 2 pansy plates
old wedgewood c/s set compote maastricht bol
wedgewood glass plateau S maastricht bol old bol
set of 2 set set of 5 6 c/s set
set special set jug c/s
regout compote glass set old maastricht bol glass
goblet glass vintage limoge case French plate set of 3 bols
swan p/s set glass cover C et M set of 2 plates
cranberry glass set of 5 tiny glass plates glass set
glass uzes cutting plate maastricht bol
maastricht bol maastricht bol c/s bol
2 plates glass brooch compote tiny bol
tiny bol French bol 2 pots murano glass
4 glasses tiny plate set  2 plates  cookie pot
glass jug set crystal jam pot crystal jam pot
violette set set roger & gallet pot c/s
maastricht plate c/s set mini tureen 6 rest set
2 glasses set mini pitcher old bol crystal glass set
egg stand glass set maastricht bowl L set
6 glasses cookie pot table spice set BF
water jug old gien plates set celery vace celery vace
biscuit jar jug pitcher toy set
goebel 2 swans celery vase shelly c/s shelly c/s
celery vase glass cake stand glass cake stand bread knife
maastricht bol blue glass vase  plates set plates set
donkey glass vase set of 2 set of 2 L.M&Cie
c/s set set glasses wine tasting glass
maestricht bol bol montereau celery vase limoge
c/s gien c et m sauciere
toy set of 4 toy set of 3
pot pot glass pot book end
soupiere maastricht 6 montereau plates
bol set kinder servies kinder servies
kinder servies kinder servies toy c et m c/s
limoge limoge tea c/s set old pate pan sauciere
set set of 4 set of 2 2 plates set
2 plates set montreau compotier 4 soup set 5 glass set
3 crystal glasses set of 2 set of 2 set of 3 dish
plate basket porc. glas schaal fondue set
bottle ring plate 18c jam pot
creil et m set set of 2 saxony pot bol
bol set of 2 c/s creil et montereau cul noir
moustiers set 18c apt
set set set cookie pot
 set old bol happy set pot & creamer
set French pot c/s set set of 2
c et m set of 3 set of 3 bols set
c/s set maastriht 1944 maastricht bol maastricht c/s
maastricht set c/s c/s maastricht
B F bol maastricht candle stand set oyster plate
gien set pot crystal glass set
glass stand set glass cake stand set pink glass
maastricht C/S glass jug old maastricht bol
happy set bol charity set
set of 2 glass cap 19c tiny glass jam pot 18c glass jam pot
glass jar asperges dish old pot maastricht bol
biscuit barrel bol bol gien bol
c et m bol BF dentelle tiny jam pot c et m pot
c/s glass
glass compote plate 1870 pen tray sarreguemines
old bol porc.compote angel plate soupiere
jug maastricht bol glass cover glass plate
pot warmer small soupiere tiny pitcher jam pot
bol 3 tiny glass set ear clip
Cleil et montereau
c/s glass cross top tiara B
ear clip deco c/s set tea time set set
herend egg stand felix Potin glass set
C/S set set glass C/S set
L.M.& Cie soupiere old c/s royal albert cups luneville
glass P mastricht bol maastricht bol brown pot
soupiere maestricht bols set 6 glasses set set of 4
2 bols 2 bols vintage porc.set old nimy
rose vase glas set soup set soup set
soup set soup set set of 4 set
toy set jug 5liquer glasses Pot set
c/s set maastriht c/s maastricht maastricht 1883
maastricht soupiere C&M pot C&M pitcher glasses
2 tiny glass set glass compote soupiere
gien gien gien bol
cups set badonviller 2 plates
glass jug jug monogram glass P soupiere
gien set of 2 set 4 small pots 3 porc.pots set
2 porc.pots C & M jug bol jug
tall glass dome celery vase set of 5 soupiere
set bol glass plateau oyster plate
oyster plate sarreguemines sarreguemines sarreguemines
6 bols glass set old plate glass
cookie jar hammersley glass candle stands montereau
crystal maastricht angel container soupiere
porc.pot porc.pot set of 5 bol set
bol set soupiere c/s set limoge c/s
glass vase sauce pot porc. canister bol
jug glass arabia jampot shelly c/s
communie glass arabia jampot 12 glasses jam pots
c/s tiny bol cup c/s
warmer glass set porcelain bowl lourdes bol
glass candlestand glass  set sarreguemine 3 glasses set
soupiere 5 flute glasses c.s c/s
c.s old cup BF cup C&M
c/s c/s c/s c/s
plate c/s set maestricht maastricht
soupiere damaged cake stand tiny pot server set
18c moustiers barbotine C et M pot bordeaux
gien set of 2 NIMY bol bol
bol gien bol C&M soupiere plate
c&m bol oval dish c/s BFK,bols set
2 cups gien 6 assiettes 2 bowls  soup set
5small dish set 2 soup set 2 soup set glass set
5 liquer glasses tiny cups old wedgwood
glass set tea cups set canister set table set
soupiere 4 champagne glasses glass pot compote
compote angel plate bol gien
porc.pan set glass set set bol
soupiere set of 3 glass 2 old c/s
6 glasses 5 wine glass set sarreguemines sarreguemines
white dish white dish big bowl 19th maastricht
set old bol set of 2 set of 3 bol
cappellemans c/s angel glasses tiny milk pot salad server set
boch f ring holder set cream de savon
glass candle stands child dish tiny bowl glass cap set
cookie pot soup pot sauce pot c/s
c&m bol JP Cappellemans set wall decoration set
set set of 2 (wine) set of 2 set of 2 (small)
glass compote canister set soupiere plate M
blue plate C&M bol set of 2 jug
C&M big pot set of 2 bol angel canister set
3 bols 4 bols set soupiere
2 glasses cheese cover angel jug toilet glass set
12 small glasses cheese cover glass 5 glass plates
uranium glass water jug brooch aynsley
glass vase maastricht bol
old c/s luneville glass hang vase
choisy-le-roi porcelain angel plate
limoge glass set crystal coupe soupiere Digoin
glass vase c/s c/s soupiere
soup set soup set set gien
quick cocker shelly soup set maestricht set maestricht set
choisy le roi malicorne set soup set
sarreguemine bowls villeroy&Boch maastricht
luneville maestricht porc.tray limoge
glass soupiere glass coupe glass set
cleil et montereau shelly 1934 shelly 1910 shelly 1934
5   glasses canister set candle stands limoge
shelly C/S trio set trio set trio
trio tiny mustard pot silver 4 bols
maastricht set oval dish limoge tiny dishes glass
c/s limoge limoge c/s white Delft cheese bols
old bol c/s egg stand
porcelain 1860 bol tiny glass 2 plates
 2 plates 2 plates egg stands soup cup set
soupiere BFK glass C  M
canister set maastricht big bowl child table set  3 soup cups
2 plates ironstone plate set old glass
maestricht big bowl flute glass 6 glasses wine glass
tea time set 4 cake plates 3 c/s set tiny dishes
chamber pot glass jug set glass
vintage maastricht bol set limoge
maestricht bol soap cream pot mixing bowl glass
maastricht pot glass candle stands crystal vase table wear set
tiny vase porc.pot porc.canister limoge
dessert set glass glass tiny pot
egg tray maastricht bol akazukin chan
soupiere NIMY
cookie jar pot maestricht bol demi c/s set glass vase
kan milk picher tiny pot big bowl
monogram LM glasses 5 glasses glass set glass set
glass set glass coasters barbotine glass
vace blue glass  set porcelain mustard pot
6 glasses glass bol charity set 3
silver glass set pot cutlery rest set cutlery rest set
Gien soupiere maastricht old jug old pot glass set
5 glasses set set of 2 set of 2
maastricht soup hammersley bord arabia jam pot
glas vaas  glasses set 4 glasses set Hammersley set
bol (maastricht) set glass coupe ink pot & pen
glass  set of 6 bols set of 3 blue glass
cake tray liquer glasses liquer glasses  set
glass vase sabino charity set glass set
table set glass vase glass coupe table glass set
4 glasses C/s set porc. canisters glas onderzetters
c/s set dessert bowl 2 soup set C/S  set damaged
barbotine butter case glass cutraly rest cutting bord
glass cake stand glass cake stand maastricht bol vintage glass dish
soup pot porc.canister set grape dish set
maestricht bol nimy bol bol glass candlestand
glass pot glass bottles luneville canister set
luneville set c/s set set
glass set maastricht bol egg stand pair nimy
bols bols pots wine tasting glasses
candle stand set maastricht bol maastricht bol set
maastricht c/s digion 6 plates arabia pot maastricht bol
bol 3 borden Hansi jug set
bols set soup set soup set soup set
arabia pot soup set soup set soup set
cheese cap salt & pepper royal albert may royal albert feb set
glass 2 C/S set 2 c/s set soup set
soup cups maastricht bol small dishes lauscha glass
paragon set set boch frere jam pot
murano glass parts tiny dish saxony set candle stand
old maestricht bol old maastricht bowls bol cake plate
porc.jug glass bottle champage glasses maastricht C/S
porcelain pot LU plate 2 bols & parts set tiny glass coupe
table set cutting bord NIMY 3 Maastricht plates small dishes 5
glass cap candle stand white jug blue glass set
brown glass shell dish coffee set bol
DIGION pot glass milk grass butter pot
set maastricht c/s Hammersley Cibon set
glasses Digoin LUCETTE maastricht bowl glass pot
glass glass wine tasting glass cheese cover
crystal glasses sel maastricht bol jug
set venecian glass tiny bowl limoge
plate purple glasses Hammersley set
set glass stand maastricht pot
limoge bol vaseline glass vaseline glass
set spice crystal set 12 limoge set
blue glass plate bol glass
server set cheese cap salt pot Digoin bol
bowl plate cake plate soup set for 2 soup set
saxony c/s saxony pot saxony set tiny bol
Bol bol maastricht glass candlestand maestricht trio set
saxony oval canister set set soup set
set oval plate cake plate swan salt pot
set set soup cups small bowl set 4
coffee set set of 3 butter cap set
set of 2 soep set set limoge demi c/s
soup cups set glass glass decanter
maastricht glass stand 2 bols dish set
Herend glass vase glass cakestand
egg plate big bowl pot delft pot
set glass maestricht bol maastricht bol
6 plate set 6plate set  luneville  set of 7 old bols
6 wine glasses set of 2 set of 2
bol cheese cap cheese cap k&f rest set
cake stand c/s pressed glass murano glass
opaque glass jam pot bol <maastricht> red bol <Maastricht>blue
crystal glass pot demi c/s set tea cups glass
crystal rest violett c/s cake server glass
rose plate big bowl porc.plate maastricht
maastricht maastricht bol bol 2 glass bottles
set of 3 Maastricht bol porc.jug set
bowl old <maestrcht> saxony porc.bord old bottle
3 glasses glass bowl Makkum makkum
2 glasses 2 glasses 2 glasses champagne glass
bol 2 glass bottle glass cake plateau bol
porc.compote plate tiny vase 2 plates
Digion dish glass set Paris set maastricht bol
glass bottle old bowl tiny decanter porc. pitcher
pink glass onderzetter bol 2 bols
vintage BOCH set porcelain plate milk &sugar set
2 soup cups cheese cap plate plate
plate cake stand cake stand porc.cake stand
glass plate vaselline glass pot Limoge
bol bol bol bol
bol R/A cake plates cafe au lait bol cheese cap
5 glasses bol glass glass
glass bol bol old glass
pitcher crystal bottle small decanter
set of 3 bol
glass compote glass mini compote rose plate porc.doll
R/A pp plate oyster plate pepper bottle tiny vase
2 old glasses 4 liquer glasses set purple glass
R/C year plates glass pot saxony bols glass
blue bottle 7 dishes dish set of 5 soup dish
glass candle holder canister pot canister set set of 2 plates
angel box murano glass 4 glass dishes tiny bols
cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bols
egg plate 2 cafe au lait bols drainer maastricht bols
printemps 2 porc. bols cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol
fromage form English jam pot tiny glass red bottle
bol bol cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol
cafe au lait bol BOCH glass cover sel pot cafe au lait bol
big <cafe au lait bol> ring holder pink vase soap box
tiny pot porc,candle stand soup c/s soup c/s
milk pitcher milk pitcher&sugar bowl
saxony bol BOCH old bol
cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bols 50`s glass 
cafe au lait bol
saxony c/s porc.onderzetter glass compote cake plateau
2 tiny glasses on lace butter pot floral butter pot coffee pot
tea pot old glass old glass pot saxony porc.candleholder
cafe au lait bol Maastricht bol cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol
cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol hatpin stand
glass cheese cap shabby old vase porc.candle holder
porc.pot glass porc .canister set press glass
canister(cannelle) cheese cap R ALBERT c/s porc.S&P set
cheese cover cafe au lait bol S cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol
wine tasting glasses glass cake plateau old glass cap small pot
porc.pitcher sandwich plate 2 cafe au lait bols cafe au lait bol
cafe au lait bol Vermicelle pot Seife pot cafe au lait bol
candle stand plate susie cooper cafe au lait bol
cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol
cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol vaseline plate
saxony pitcher porc.jug france pot milk pitcher(damaged)
oval glass coupe cafe au lait bol glass bottle
rose picher cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol avon
creamer pot rose oval wine glasses pink pitcher (vase)
pressed glass coupe pressed glass glass rose pitcher
floral pot limoge pot blue vase old glass bottle
cafe au lait bol blue rose set soap dish AVON 2 glasses
savon pot P.P plate sweet violet c/s
forget me not c/S p.p c/s rose C/S candle stand
etched glass glass pot ink pot cafe au lait bol
soap box crystal knife rest set delfts roze bak sauce pot
candle holder bavarois form jam pot Rilletes de Cours
cafe au lait bol<A> cafe au lait bol mary-lou <L> 2 Mary-lou dishes
cafe au lait bol jug Delft pot saucer
cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol English dish with handle flower vase
small dish porc.candle-stand porc. candle-stand pressed glass set
porc.candle stand petit cafe au lait bol antique liquer bottle sel pot
porc. sel pot porc. spice set avon soap water bottle glass jar
mixing bowl cafe au lait bol Eiffel tower Limoge
porc.tiny box glass pitcher pressed glass pot glass pudding form
cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bol glass compote old french bowl
flower vase 2 Digion bowls oval plate purple glass
cafe au lait bol french plate french rose set
blue bottle
old glass pot Royal Albert pickles jar cafe au lait bowl
cafe au lait bowl cafe au lait bowl cafe au lait bowl cafe au lait bowl
cafe au lait bowl<L> cafe au lait bowl cafe au lait bowl glass jam pot
tiny pot cafe au lait bol cafe au lait bowl rose decor pot
rose decor pot rose plate opaque pot floral pitcher
water pitcher coupe slender glass vase victorian vase
jam pot
milk-glass coupe tray & 2 glass set
pressed glass
tiny rose bowl
glass pitcher cannelle pot porcelain cake-plate
glass coupe mustard pot vaseline vase old bottle
angel plate 2 glass set porc. canister butter pot
oval plate pressed-glass coupe antique candlestands rose candle stand
brass candle stand porc finger rest

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